I work at Apple and love design & technology.

My last personal projects include Hello, Snapeous and Mobiloscopy.

I'm a digital advertising expert with 10 years of experience working for major companies (Apple, Google, Aegis, Sony). Over the last 3 years at Apple, I have helped major brands and their creative/media agencies deliver inspiring creative concepts and robust media strategies on the Apple advertising platform. Lately, I've worked with American Express, Jaguar, Nike and Evian to launch their mobile campaigns worldwide.

I'm passionate about technology and mobile design. I've started to learn coding to slowly but surely turn some of my ideas into life. One of my side projects, Snapeous, was selected among the finalists of the LeWeb Paris competition in 2012. I relentlessly keep on experimenting new ways to create meaningful connections between people through technology.

I live in Paris with my wife and 2 children.

Eiffel Tower


What I like to do

  • Think and test new ideas
  • Design & prototype
  • Snap and sketch
  • Go down to the details
  • Improve my design and coding skills

How I do it

  • With a brain
  • Papers and pens
  • Lots of keynote & Sketch
  • Some code (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • My dev buddy

Most recent projects




Qwote is the most precise way of sharing on the Web.

I'm frustrated with the tools available to share content on the web. Why do we need to share entire pages or articles when oftentimes, only fractions of them are actually interesting or relevant?
There is currently no simple way to share whatever you want from a webpage. And no simple way to redirect your readers exactly where you want on a page.

Qwote aims to solve this pain. It's a free browser extension designed to help users share and redirect to content located anywhere on a webpage.
For coders, it's like how an anchor element works on an html page. But for the entire Web...

Coming soon on the Chrome Webstore.

Qwote user flow Home Qwote



Co Founder

Hello is a smart assistant that helps people keep in touch with their friends.

Having hundreds of friends doesn't really matter if we're not capable of keeping in touch with them regularly. Hello sends suggestions via email of people to recontact based on the user's social graph. Our smart algorithm identifies for you who to contact, when and why.
We've designed a new kind of activity tracker that extends the scope of the quantified self movement to social activities. The potential is huge to positively impact people's lives with technology. We're only getting started and an app is in on its way.

Sign up to Hello here.

I've shared below some preliminary work on Hello, from brand guidelines design to homepage and application mock ups.

2013 - present



Mobiloscopy is a library of iOS mobile app animations for designers.

There are many libraries on the Web for mobile patterns but nothing really similar exists for animations. I've decided to create a repository of innovative app animations (bounce effects, transitions, appearance, etc.) for designers and developers to reference. I believe animations are the soul of an app (or any digital front-end interface), they embody the brand's behaviour and as such, should never ever be neglected.

Mobiloscopy is the starting point of a much bigger project I have in mind for mobile animations, i.e to develop a software dedicated to animations. Bare with me, Mobiloscopy is still a very rough work in progress website. I've been quite busy lately with the birth of my little girl.

Go to Mobiloscopy.


2012 - 2013


Co Founder

Snapeous is a fun and easy way to add digital content to real life objects.

LeWeb Paris finalist in 2012, Snapeous was also shortlisted by the TechStars London incubator. It's the first social networks around objects. Users simply scan barcodes or QR codes of objects around them and add digital content (texte, pictures, videos) to these objects. Snapeous is an attempt to 'digitally' enhance real world objects, in the vein of the Internet of Things.

Download on Google Play.

Other concepts I'm exploring

Animation Software


Shake up your mocks

Designers cruelly lack a robust and easy-to-use animation software to turn mobile apps into life. Some tools exist (framer.js, Quartz Composer, Origami and co.) but none of them is designed to intuitively and rapidly help designers create animations. I've thus created a short pitch for such a tool if I can't build it myself.

Elevator pitch: Shaker is an animation software for web and mobile designers.

Motivation: Shaker is built to solve an existing practical problem -- it's damn hard to add behaviors to your web and mobile app mock ups and to easily share them.

Analogy: Sketch for animations.

The killing features:
  • - Simple interface
  • - No coding skills required
  • - Real time modifications
  • - Live preview on devices
  • - Video recording and exportation
  • - Easy sharing
  • - Comprehensive library of built-in animations (bounce, fade, ease, etc.)
Pricing: $99.

Contextual newsfeed reader

Daily Juice

Your daily dose of news.

We need to have more contextually aware applications. Newsfeed reader apps, for example, consistently focus on exhaustivity and interests-based algorithms but omit 2 key parameters in the user experience: how much time do people have to read and where they are when they read them.
As you can imagine, people consume differently when commuting for 40 minutes in a bus or when riding their bike to work...

Imagine an app that can learn from your commuting habits, estimate the length of your trips and then suggests you with a curated list of articles that best match your trip: i.e provide you with more video and text articles if you're sitting in a bus, suggest you with more videos if you're walking or even only suggest you with audio articles if you're riding your bike.
That'd be Daily Juice.

Daily Juice logo

Democratic social network


When Democracy meets the Internet.

I believe there is a huge opportunity to improve how our democracy works by empowering citizens and leveraging more the Internet. VoxPop is an open platform that aims to create and foster a more direct and transparent channel of communication between citizens and their representatives. Think Facebook for politics.
Politics is one of the most strategic areas not yet disrupted by technology.

I've shared here a preliminary mock up of the sign up page and some design work on the VoxPop logo.

Digital Photo & Video Frame


Shared moments reimagined.

Digital photo frames suck. I mean it in a very broad way... However, I deeply believe there is an untapped opportunity to design a beautiful, small connected piece of art. A digital box that would release your pics and gifs hidden in your smartphone. In different colors & noble materials. Designed for the mobile & social age, yet somehow vintage.